As a qualified Landscape Architect I can provide a full garden design service.  From an initial consultation and brief from the client, and a thorough analysis of the site, I can take your garden through the design stages to construction.

I will produce a full construction drawing package to enable Landscape Contractors to successfully quote for and build your garden. Working with the chosen Landscape Contractors, I will project administer the construction and planting stages to provide you with a completed garden.

I am happy working alongside Architects, Engineers and Interior Designers on complex projects.

Client brief and site analysis:  The starting point of design is understanding how you want to use your garden and how this might develop over time.  By looking at your existing garden in detail; the quality of the light, existing trees and buildings, changes in level, we can start to see it's potential and build a framework of possibilities.  

Masterplan and detailed design: The possibilities in every garden are different and i believe that, by designing in response to the client, the architecture and the surrounding landscape, a garden can start to have its own unique character.  

By creating flow, rhythm and movement through the garden, by understanding the scales and volumes of the space, and building a palette of plants and materials, your garden will start to come alive.

I will provide a combination of drawings, 3D models and moodboards to enable you to visualise what your completed garden will look like.

Once you are happy with the design, I will provide a complete package of drawings and design details which will enable the landscape contractors to provide a quote for the works.

Planting design: The style and type of planting must always take into account your garden's location, quality of light and soil. However, in every situation there is also massive room for scope, and the look and feel of the planting palette is often a deeply personal choice. I will work closely with you to ensure the look and feel of the planting follows your aesthetic philosophies whilst selecting species that will thrive in your garden's habitat.

Lighting design: Lighting your garden will not only add hours of use throughout the summer evenings, but it will extend the views from within your house out into the garden year round creating another dimension to the space. I will provide a lighting scheme and specifications as a fully integrated part of the deign process.

Tenders: In most cases clients are happy to accept my recommendation about which landscape contractors would be best suited to build your garden under ongoing supervision.

In some cases, on larger scale projects, you may want the building works to go to competitive tender. In this situation I will prepare full tender documentation and manage the tender process on your behalf.

Garden consultation If you have a larger mature garden you may not want to completely redesign, but may need to make some changes. In this case I am happy to meet you in your garden and look at how the space is working and where improvements could be made. Often small adjustments can have a big impact.